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An excellent and well structured course that is well established and brilliantly taught.

A very well organised course with many useful theoretical tools and techniques combined with practical examples and usage.

The Master Black Belt course brings all of your previous learning and real life project experience together, and stretches you even further. Highly recommended.

I can highly recommend Game Change if you are considering taking a Lean Six SIgma Green Belt course. Their accelerated learning process really works!

I'll happily recommend this course. We have instantly found use in the skills learned. The course itself is very much hands on which is vital to gaining a good understanding of the methodology and tools. The delivery of the course is thorough and clear and Game Change will always help explain things differently if not understand first time round.

I strongly recommend the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training as it is an eye opener for supply chain talent on the best tools to improve supply chain processes and performance. It provides a life long tool kit for process improvement and is now a mandatory training in our organisation for supply chain management.

Good course with quality learning materials and a nice pace of delivery. Very diverse student groups which made for interesting group work sessions - a nice change from sector-specific learning. If you are a novice then the Green Belt is the course for you, but if you have some experience I would recommend considering the black belt course.

I have joined the Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification Boot camp - 5 Days May 2012 and I would say that the workshops and practical examples we did in the campus was very useful, the course was well structured and organised which makes student ready to immediately apply learned methods in Real Business.

I can highly recommend Game Change training for Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification. The course was comprehensive, inspiring and very useful.

This is a well run and comprehensive course that ensures you cover all the critical aspects of Lean Six Sigma. Game Change delivers the course in a concise and insightful manner that leaves you with a clear understanding of the topics and ensures you leave the course with a solid understanding of the subject matter.

I can highly recommend Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training with Game Change. Game Change balanced the course quite well between theory and practical exercise using different tools. The course have made a difference in my deliveries with various clients. Game Change and Lean Six Sigma Green Belt training comes highly recommended!

This is an excellent course and I found the training sessions to be well managed with a good balance between textbook and practical exercises. The instructors have excellent hands on experience in implementing the methodology in industry which shows in the quality of the training. I would highly recommend this course to anyone looking to achieve green belt accreditation in a short period of time. Game Change provide a professional, friendly and thorough training package.

Profound expertise and transfer knowledge are linked with 'Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Training and Certification' at Game Change.

The Lean Six Sigma green belt training at Game Change was very practical with a lot of group exercises. Throughout the course we worked with real processes provided by the course participants, hence learning by doing. During the course I learned a lot of tools, which I have already used in my job as a consultant. I can truely recommend this course!

An interesting and worthwhile course, I would be happy to recommend this to people seeking Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification.

I was given the opportunity to undertake the Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification which also includes the Green Belt certification. The LSS process and tools were delivered very effectively which ensured success with obtaining the certification. Game Change delivers the Green Belt tuition and certification from years of valuable experience working with world leaders in industry.

Having taken the time to look for a suitable training provider for the Green belt I was pleased & assured I had made the right decision in being trained by Game Change. The training was fair, precise with no corners cut. Don't expect an easy ride, you are there to learn and learn you will. Excellent well run and delivered course.

Has been a couple of years since I attended this course, but I can say it was absolutely a great experience. I had the opportunity to meet Game Change, and the instructor was a person with great knowledge regarding the area of LSS, and I can say that no attendee question was left unanswered. This training course is absolutely recommended by me.

The ten days Black Belt Boot Camp works perfectly well. The training is totally focused on tools and techniques, and implements the mindset to look at business problems the Six Sigma way. Highly recommended for people who want to gain results quickly.

An extremely structured and focused course that ensures maximum learning and at the same time prepares you for the certification exams. The training material is excellent and the course has a very natural flow to it. There is a steep learning curve but that is expected considering the duration of the course. I have no hesitation recommending this course.

I attended the Green Belt course with Game Change some years ago and it changed my career. Very well run and truely thought-provoking, the best bit was the practical tools which we then used immediately (literally the following week) as we sought to bring the vast number of ongoing change projects into a more structured process. We were able to adapt the tools learnt on the course to suit a number of unique challenges we faced. Quite simply, it was one of the most useful courses I've ever attended.

An very effective and good way of learning, with the right focus. I would be happy to recommend this to people seeking Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification.

My game change started after the black belt certificate. This was perfect for my future as an Consultant.

I did first 5 days green belt and later black belt in 5 days. Very effective and well recommended!

A 10 day intensive Green and Black belt certification course that will help you to effectively engage with others in bringing out your problem solving and analytical skills. This course has a steep learning curve but the benefits are tremendous. Would definitely recommend this!

The 5 day boot camp was perfect for what I was looking for. I have deployed the tools fully and have gained much success in projects since. The setting was perfect and the tutor was excellent. Be prepared for hard work and make sure you do pre work on the subject as it will leave you better placed to be successful. I would highly recommend as long as you are committed before, during and after.

I can recommend the training. It is a good thing for someone who has done some project management or technical work for a while and wants to get a refresh in all the current methods which can be used. The short duration of the training makes it intensive and effective and definitely worth the money.

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