We help our clients lead, plan and implement Change

Enabled by Lean Six Sigma.

What We Stand For

We always move our goal posts.

Personal Service

Leaving the clichés aside, this is what we mean by personal service. When we take on an assignment we think about your business all the time. We can’t help ourselves. Not only will we be there for you mentally, but we will keep our promises. We will deliver what we said we would on time. If we don’t stick by this, we suffer the consequences. No delivery, no remuneration. As simple as that.

Multi-Disciplinary Teams

No one person knows it all or does it all. So an important part of what we offer is the ability to put together a team of the best people to get the job done the way you need it done. This best-in-class approach means you not only get the people best suited for the job, but you get the best people. If and when your needs change, your team will change accordingly.

Client Tailored Solutions

Here’s how some consultants work. They pull a proposal off some hard drive, rehash the content a little to fit the purpose and charge you a fortune for it. We don’t work with preset solutions. We look at each client’s solution as a unique challenge and tailor one solution. The one that will work for that client. We offer honesty and complete transparency. We’re one of the few companies brave enough to tell you the truth. If we think we cannot successfully assist you we will politely decline your custom.

Commitment to Creativity

We will remain committed to promoting creativity. To that end our network and internal team are provided with the best technology, backed by clear processes and communication so we have flexibility to work how we want to work, where we want to work. We have found that in today’s manically fast and chaotic environment this leaves us with the room to develop personally which in turn brings out the best thinking, so, you may well find a Game Change associate working in the English Lake District, at Schipol in Amsterdam, at Starbucks in London, Central Park in New York and even, maybe, just maybe, next door to you in the garden. The point is, not only do we enjoy what we do but how we do it.

International Experience

There’s more to international experience than being able to order dinner in 8 different languages. We go out of our way to understand the business practices and cultures of the markets in which you operate. We consider political issues, market trends, economic forces, the overall mood of the region-all the things that can impact your unique situation. We also employ people of diverse backgrounds, making sure our perspective is not biased to one culture or country.

Whether you’re facing a specific business problem, need an entirely new direction or just want to talk about your training needs, give us a call on the number below or

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