Client Tailored Solutions

We look at each client’s solution as a unique challenge and tailor one solution. The one which will work for that client.


On-site Lean Six Sigma Training

KevWe can deliver on-site Lean Six Sigma training courses at your company location exclusively for you and your employees, and we can provide training instruction, certification exams and courseware in German, Swiss German, Dutch, Norwegian, Danish and Swedish.


  • If the training is for larger, more widely deployed performance improvement initiatives
  • You require us to re-brand our course materials to fit your specific requirements
  • You need industry specific case studies as part of the learning experience
  • Or you need to deliver consistent training in different regions to people from different cultures speaking different languages.

We can design tailored solutions to meet your particular organisational needs. Our training courses are taught by expert Master Black Belt instructor’s with extensive real-world experience, so you not only learn the theory and tools, but also the application to your specific business objectives and industry challenges.

Typical scenarios and elements comprising our Game Change In-house training services clients include:

  • Project based Lean Six Sigma certification with a choice of format and duration to allow for project work to be completed alongside classroom training.
  • Customized and branded courseware in several European languages.
  • Blended learning options with the right mix of classroom and elearning
  • Guest speakers and benchmarking site visits built into training sessions.
  • On-site and/or remote coaching incorporated as part of training delivery

Game Change has trained and certified hundreds of organizations to help them build their Lean Six Sigma capabilities. To see how you can leverage our expertise, give us a call on the number below or

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