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Course FAQs

Revealed Arrow Questions regarding Course Booking and Logistics

Do I have to stay overnight at the Training Venue?

Participants devote considerable time and energy to the learning experience, putting in long days and nights. Therefore, they must be free of outside responsibilities during their stay and to reinforce this, participants live on campus in 4* suites of single, private rooms arranged around a common area. This also provides ready access to colleagues, whilst fostering peer-to-peer engagement. For many participants, this is one of the most rewarding aspects of the learning experience.

Exception is made for individuals living within 30 min travel time of the training venue.

Can I arrange for an Airport pick-up?

Yes, we can make arrangements for an Airport pick-up if you inform us in advance of your arrival.

What are the course timings?

Classroom insruction takes place from 08:45 – 18:30 and it is expected that delegates will spend additional self study time in the evening.

What is the course booking cancellation policy?

All cancellations must be made at least 21 working days before the start of training. Cancellations will only be accepted in writing. If a delegate fails to attend or cancels within the 21 days prior to the course, full payment will be required. Terms

Can I upgrade at any stage between the various certification courses?

As long as you meet the course pre-requisites you have the opportunity to upgrade between courses at any stage.

When and how do I make payment for the course?

The training fees must be paid in full at least 21 working days before the start of training.

You can book a course and make payment online or if you prefer, please contact us and we will invoice you directly.

If payment is not received, Game Change Ltd. reserves the right to allocate the booking to another delegate. If the booking is made within 21 working days of the course, the course fees must be paid immediately and the fee is non-refundable.

Can I transfer my original course date?

Delegates may transfer between courses at least 21 working days before the start of the original course date at no charge. If the transfer is made within 21 working days, a fee of 50% of the course price (pro-rata for multi week courses) is payable. Once a delegate has transferred no refunds can be made.

Is the course booking transferable to another participant?

There will be no charges for a substitute delegate replacing an original delegate if Game Change has been informed before the start of the first session. Substitutions cannot be made after the start of the first session.

How do I book time for remote coaching with my instructor?

Remote coaching is avaliable for free as part of the MBB training course. This will be delivered by email and telephone unless otherwise agreed upon, to be used within 12 months from the start of training.

What software and books are needed for the course?

All reading material is provided as part of the course joining instructions or during the course at no additional cost.

What are the IT requirements for the courses?

For the Green, Black and Master Black Belt training, delegates are required to install a Trial Version of Minitab v16 software from www.minitab.com.

You will also need to bring with you a scientific calculator.

What courseware will the delegates receive?

  • A set of printed training notes
  • Game Change Lean Six Sigma Workbook and Calculators (Excel)
  • The Lean Six Sigma Memory Jogger: A Pocket Guide for Six Sigma Success by Paul Sheehy, Language: English, German, Swedish, Dutch; ISBN-10: 1576810445

Revealed Arrow Questions regarding Certification and Exams

What is a Yellow, Green Belt and Black Belt?

The terms are used to describe individual proficiency as a Lean and Six Sigma practitioner. The original terms were defined by Motorola and only covered Six Sigma aspects, but more recently the application and training of Lean and Six Sigma has been combined (and for very good reason), and this has now emerged as an industry standard.

What is Lean Six Sigma Certification and what are the benefits?

Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green, Black and Master Black Belt Certification demonstrates an individual’s knowledge, skills and dedication to achieving a certain level of competency in the application of the Lean and Six Sigma approach, concepts and tools.

Employers are increasingly looking for Certified Belt status as evidence of practical understanding and the ability to run projects and obtain financial benefits. Certification is therefore essential for career advancement and to be recognised as a true Lean Six Sigma professional.

Do I need a project(s) to certify as a Yellow, Green, Black or Master Black Belt?

The simple answer is, yes.

For our in-house training participants we offer project based Lean Six Sigma certification with a choice of format and duration to allow for project work to be completed alongside classroom training. Typically, 2 x 5 days for Green Belt and 4 x 5 days with 1-2 months between each session. Successful completion of a continuous improvement project(s) for the sponsoring organisation is required and this is formally assessed by the Master Black Belt course instructor as part of the Lean Six Sigma certification criteria.

For the Accelerated Open Enrolment Boot camp practical implementation skills are practiced through coursework and project case study work which is conducted and formally assessed during the course. There is no requirement to bring along projects to the training and the opportunity to walk away with the respective Lean Six Sigma certificate at the end of the course, upon successful completion of the certification guidelines explained below.

Our certification process remains true to the spirit of Lean Six Sigma set by the early adoptors such as Motorola, GE, Honeywell, Toyata and the analytical rigour and ‘learn by doing’ standards necessary to ensure course participants gain full appreciation of the practical skills needed to achieve Lean Six Sigma certification.

Which Lean Six Sigma Certificate will I receive/

Upon successfully passing the respective Yellow/Green/Black/Master Black Belt certification criteria the delegate will receive the respective Certificate from the training provider for this course, Game-Change Ltd.

The Game Change Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification program is based on the GE, Motorola and Honeywell certification model which is recognised as the appropriate way to become certified. All our course curriculum conforms to the Body of Knowledge as specified by the American Society of Quality (ASQ) and other best practice standards.

This program has been sucessfully attended by hundreds of organisations and thousands of business professional Worldwide since 2005.

The standards require an individual to pass rigorous training and testing hurdles to gain Lean Six Sigma certification. Case studies and group tutorials are designed to ensure a practical understanding of systematically, selecting and applying appropriate methods and tools and the learning outcomes are individually assessed by the Instructor during the course and through the Final Exam on the last day of the course.

The Black Belt’s conduct a group project case study exercise during the course which will assess their practical understanding of learning outcomes in more detail and where they need to be ready to answer questions such as "why didn’t you do X at stage Y".

Master Black Belt’s are required to conduct a guided audit of at least two individual projects and evidence of the use of tools and techniques associated with Lean Six Sigma and this is submitted prior to the start of session II of the course for formal assessment by a panel of Master Black Belt instructors. The results form part of the certification criteria.

What do I need to do to certify?

For Lean Six Sigma Yellow and Green Belt certification your learning and knowledge is individually assessed by the Instructor during the course and via the final exam held on the last day of the course (70% pass mark).

To successfully attain Black Belt Certification you are required to;

  • Achieve a 70% pass mark in a group project case study assignment (provided) which is conducted during the 5 day training, to assess practical understanding of the tools and techniques learned and the ability to understand the big picture and manage the varied needs of different stakeholders.
  • Achieve 70% pass mark in the Black Belt final exam (50 multiple choice questions).

To successfully attain Master Black Belt Certification you are required to;

  • Submit at least two successful projects and evidence of the use of tools and techniques associated with Lean Six Sigma for assessment at the end of the course by a Master Black Belt instructor panel.
  • Deliver a project presentation during Session II of the course to an audience made up of other course participants and Master Black Belts.
  • Achieve 70% pass mark in the Master Black Belt final exam (75 multiple choice questions).
  • Achieve 70% pass mark in Scrum Master Certification Exam (this is optional and not a mandatory requirement for MBB certification)

Is there a universal governing body which issues Lean Six Sigma certification?

Unlike Project Management, there is no universally acknowledged governing body which oversees standards and guidelines. Some efforts have been made to achieve this, with little success. Historically the typical certification route is achieved either via an in-house company sponsored training program or issued by an external Lean Six Sigma training organisation. GE and Honeywell are recognised as the benchmark amongst company based programs.

These standards require training content to not just focus on building technical competence but also;

  • Demonstration of practical application of the methodology, tools and techniques learned.
  • Evaluation of an individuals ability and skills in selecting the right tool for the right situation
  • Assessment of project work for achieving certification either during or after training course attendance.

Based on the work of leading adult-learning theorists (such as Bloom), and on the need for you to remember and apply what you learn, all Game Change courses are experiential in nature. This mean you won’t be passively sitting in a classroom; you’ll be actively interacting with instructors and peers, experiencing live simulations, engaging in hands-on individual and group exercises-and applying what you learn back at your organisation.

Should I attend an In-house or open enrolment “public” training and certification?

The conventional In-house training and certification approach is a modular program of 2 x 5 days for Green Belt and 4 x 5 days with about a month between each module to allow for project work which forms part of the certification criteria. Company sponsorship and support to develop the practical skills needed are critical success factors and it typically takes 6 – 12 months to achieve certification.

Many prospective delegates do not have the opportunity to attend such a program as their current employer does not provide Lean Six Sigma training or they may be currently unemployed and “open enrolment” programs can offer a viable route to certification.

Both are viable routes to achieve certification depending on individual requirements and circumstance.

Game Change provides both In-house and Open Enrolment Accelerated training and certification.

If I need to when can I take a re-sit exam?

Re-sit exams can be taken in person during the last day of any scheduled open enrolment course or alternatively we can offer an online re-sit exam at your convenience.

What is the re-sit exam fee?

We believe in our ability to help you certify and as a matter of policy we do not have a re-sit exam fee. You can make several attempts, hopefully not required.

Do I need to re-certify every year?

No. Once you become certified, there is no requirement to re-certify later on.

What is the Certification Final Exam?

This examination is intended to cover all aspects of the respective Yellow, Green, Black, Master Black Belt curriculum with a high emphasis on the practical application of concepts learned during the course.

  • Multiple choice (no negative marking so you are required to attempt all questions).
  • Paper based
  • Closed book, scientific calculators allowed.
  • Yellow (20 questions/30 min); Green Belt (30 questions/40 min); Black Belt (50 questions/70 min); Master Black Belt (75 questions/120 min)
  • Pass mark for all exams is 70%

What is the certification pass rate?

Our current certification rate runs at 97%, 89%, 91% and 100% for Yellow, Green, Black and Master Black Belt courses respectively.

What if English is not my first language?

For those with English as a second language, an extra 10 min can be taken for each exam. We also provide Memory Joggers in various languages, the courseware is also avaliable in German and the exam can be taken in Dutch, German, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, French and Spanish if requested.

When will the Exam take place and what if I don’t succeed at first?

The exam will take place at approx. 3 pm on the last day of the course and results are avaliable on the day, about 30 min after sitting the exam.

When will I receive my results and certificate?

Upon successful completion, you will receive the respective Yellow, Green, Black and Master Black Belt certificate prior to departure on the last day of the course.

Revealed Arrow Questions about Project Guidelines

What kind of projects will I use to certify?

For Yellow and Green Belt Certification a variety of real life project projects and scenarios are provided as part of the curriculum and participants are required to take part in practical group work to apply the learning and problem solving skills using Lean Six Sigma concepts, tools and techniques.

For Black Belt Certification a group case study is provided which the participants conduct during the five days of the course alongside classroom instruction. Led by a dedicated Master Black Belt trainer and coach who will guide project teams to problem solve using the DMAIC methodology and help broaden understanding of key topics and guide you to achieve your learning objectives and practical understanding of concepts, tools and techniques.

For the Master Black Belt Certification you have a choice of 3 options for projects

  • A current problem that you will solve using the Lean SIx Sigma methodology and tools.
  • A past project where you have applied the Lean Six Sigma methodology and tools and can show evidence of this.
  • We can provide real projects and case studies for you to work on.

The main focus is to assess the MBB delegates practical appreciation of the methodology, tools and techniques.

The following are typical of project topics submitted by attendees for this course;

  • Raise customer service levels in a call centre
  • Cut costs and speed output in activities from manufacturing to sales
  • Realise the cashable benefits of integrated processes and IT
  • Establish effective business measures and performance management systems
  • Boost quality, eliminate defects and improve reliability of processes and systems
  • The problem statement must be important to the business, customer or stakeholders.

    What if my project is confidential in nature?

    Most of our Instructors have various levels of security clearance to work in many industries and if required we can complete Non Disclosure Agreement(s) and other relevant documentation upon request.

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