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Lean Six Sigma

White Belt

Training and Certification

This eLearning White Belt Training and Certification course provides an introduction to the philosophy, core tools and application of Lean Six Sigma, and is ideal for anyone who is interested in continuous improvement or considering future attendance to a Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green or Black Belt training course.

Thanks to innovative use of new technologies, which allow us to replicate face-to-face teaching techniques, participants are able to enjoy the same experience they would have in a traditional classroom.

This is not a set of converted PowerPoint slides or passive, pre-recorder Webcasts, but a rich blend of practical, highly interactive, instructor led multimedia courseware geared towards helping you learn.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the origins of Lean thinking concepts, tools and methods needed to drive cycle time reduction.
  • Identify the five principles of Lean and the eight types of waste.
  • Understand Six SIgma and focus on Process Variation and the benefits it brings to an organization.
  • Understand the Define, Measure, Analyze, Improve and Control (DMAIC) problem, solving roadmap and key requirements at each phase.
  • Learn about the Lean Six Sigma Belt Structure for skills development.

Key Topics Covered

  • Course Introduction
  • Lean SIx Sigma Overview
  • The principal correltations - On Quality, On Time, On Cost
  • The origin of Lean
  • From mass production to Lean
  • Lean Fundamentals
  • The nine elements of waste
  • Eliminating Waste
  • Basic Lean Tools
  • The origin of Six Sigma
  • Six Sigma Fundamentals
  • Concept of Process Variation - Explained
  • Six Sigma DMAIC Problem Solving Roadmap
  • Belt Structure for Skills Development
  • White Belt Exam Questions

Course Duration: 90 min.

Certification: There is a multiple choice exam conducted during the session and upon successful completion of the 70% pass mark criteria the delegate has the opportunity to print out an electronic Lean Six Sigma White Belt Certificate.

Find out more details on the Lean Six Sigma Certification information page.

Who should attend:Employees, project team members and senior leadership interested in gaining an overview of the most basic Lean Six Sigma principles and its application in any industry.

eLearning Lean Six Sigma
White Belt Training and Certification

Price: £45

The White Belt course is available to access on-line for one year after purchase.

For multiple user licenses, please get in touch

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