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Making Gingerbread Houses – The “Lean” Way


With it being the Festive Season, most people are busy baking, shopping and wrapping presents. This year we decided to make Gingerbread Houses for our clients.

You would think that it would be no big deal right? Watch what happens.

5 thoughts on “Making Gingerbread Houses – The “Lean” Way”

  1. Alex says:

    good example to visualise the meaning of Lean and the positive impact on the produced ‘quality’ product

  2. Steven Boyd says:


    Great video, cant wait to this one travels around the training organisations – eat what you drop – haha
    Once again, love the video, truly demonstrates the power of lean thinking in a value adding activity.

    thanks for sharing


  3. Sudeshkar says:

    this is one of the very expressive lean manufacturing development , i am happy that Quality of product is meeting the intended requirements along with Increased Productivity.

  4. Raghuveer Singh Rathore says:


  5. John Dennis says:

    As a trainer myself I applaud you for attempting such an ambitious practical exercise within the classroom. I suspect that what was achieved was closer to the transition from ‘Craft Production’ and the inefficient division of labor ( Adam Smith 1776 ) to an efficient ‘Assembly line’ akin to that of Henry Ford and Charles Sorensen in 1920’s. The Ginger Bread House production line example gets us to around 1920 in process improvement…which is of course a huge improvement …and a major part of Lean Thinking. The only danger is that people seeing this video will obtain an extremely crude concept of what Modern ( 21st Century) LEAN really looks like and the precision in timing and worker / management behaviour etc that is required for Real Lean. I know that this was a bit of Christmas fun however please be careful in suggesting ( or promoting the myth ) that Lean is just about making a simple linear production line as efficient as possible … this of course is only a tiny part of the full story.

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