Business Improvement and Change Programs all too often fail to deliver. Most organisations’ histories are littered with ineffective improvement programs such as Kaizen, TQM, BPR, Quality Circles, Continuous improvement and the like.

The launch of a new one results in the BOHICA reaction: “Bend Over, Here It Comes Again”. Also known as Initiative Fatigue, this response makes deploying a really effective program very difficult. And the troubles don’t stop there; maintaining a program’s momentum in the face of ever-changing business priorities is a mine-field.

The best programs are ones that are built from the inside of the business, rather than simply picking up a ‘branded’ program from another organisation.

Game Change experts have supported and driven many change programs across a wide variety of industries and business dynamics. We know how to navigate your program through the cultural and political environments to ensure success. Just some of the elements every program needs to consider:

  • Cultural diagnostics
  • Change readiness determination
  • Integrated Performance Management
  • Benefits Realisation and Reporting

We provide expert advice and implementation for programs such as:

  • Re-invigorate a Key Business Initiative
  • Kaizen of Operations
  • Empowering Employees to Make Improvements
  • Workplace organization and 5S implementation
  • Business Process Re-engineering
  • Business transformation
  • Pinpoint performance shortfall
  • Workplace Discipline
  • Exploit the potential of ISO Certification