IT is a key driver for organisational and business process improvement. Adapting not only systems and workflows, but also organisational structures and the way people work is critical for the success of many IT projects. In many cases, a simultaneously initiated cultural change is the key to sustainable business improvements via IT.

Very often our clients are aware that their ERP investment is not paying off and despite attempts to fix process inefficiencies, address sub-optimal people performance and they often find another problem popping up elsewhere. The fire-fighting becomes expensive, which is why our approach in the assessment phase is not to fix the symptoms, but rather to determine the root causes and their relationships to each other, so once we implement a programme of IT Business Transformation, we ensure the sequence of change activity permanently eradicates the problems.

We can work with your teams to unlock the cash-able benefits of integrated systems and processes. Our approach is based on prioritising and implementing changes based on proven methodologies and tools for embedding process improvement to help get the most from an ERP investment. Through a rapid diagnostic, we evaluate whether your company can extract further value from your ERP investment. We identify key areas of missed opportunities, identify targeted quick wins to implement, quantify the benefits to be realised and qualify the rationale for your investment spend.

We provide the strategy, tools and practical “know-how” required to deal with the challenges of IT Business Transformation to unlock the cash-able benefits of integrated systems and processes.

We support typical IT-related business scenarios and projects, such as:

  • Realising benefits of Business Systems
  • Lean and SCRUM for ITIL Implementation and linkage to Lean Six Sigma
  • ERP Business Optimisation
  • Procurement (BPO)
  • Shared Services
  • ERP Implementation & Turnaround
  • Management Reporting
  • Data Integrity
  • Business Process Transformation
  • Improve Data Integrity
  • Streamline IT Interfaces
  • Capability Maturity Model (CMM) enabled by Lean Six Sigma
  • Linking SCRUM and Lean Six Sigma for optimum benefit