A key enabler for any successful improvement is the ability to manage change. Our experience suggests that “Cultural lock-in”, the phenomenon by which employees continue to do what they have always done, is the most significant obstacle in promoting lasting change.

Frequently, business change is communicated formally via an email bulletin and often the needs and concerns of the target audience have not been accounted for. Hence, the natural reaction is to resist the new practices and procedures.

As an approach Lean Six Sigma is focused on involving representation from stakeholders and customers during every phase leading up to and after implementation of the new solution.

Communication and Participation are two key levers to ensure the success of any improvement initiative.

Communication is two-way – part of the initial communication plan will be to understand why some people hold the views they do.

We can work with you to put together a guiding framework to enable you to tackle and mange change proactively and effectively rather than fire-fight it.

Typical initiatives where Game Change can help you realise effective and sustainable improvements:

  • Project visioning
  • Stakeholder management
  • Communication planning
  • Internal communication programs
  • Managing resistance to change
  • Change Acceleration Workshops
  • Change Facilitation
  • Building a Lean Six Sigma Quality Culture