After all the work put into preparations for an acquisition or merger it seems intuitively strange that 70% of deals fail to deliver the expected benefits to either party. Research points to a failure to follow through with the plans and a lack of attention to detail post-deal as the major reasons.

Game Change consultants’ experiences demonstrate that specific attention needs to be given to identifying the interfaces between the parties and to the processes on both sides of those interfaces in the pre- and immediate post-deal phases. This must then be followed up with people-inclusive deployment to release the synergies. Momentum created during the pre-deal phase must be maintained throughout the following periods.

Turnaround situations follow similar phases but are often simpler because they do not involve the introduction of critical interfaces with another party. Nonetheless, the same principles apply: careful identification of opportunities for improvement, waste, duplication and complexity followed by people-inclusive deployment of new processes to realise the benefits.

We are specialists in operational performance, working alongside your financial experts and strategists to create a comprehensively skilled team.

Typical elements comprising a Game Change assignment in these fields include:

  • Identification of operational gaps, overlaps, duplications, wastes and the potential synergies.
  • Assessing and prioritising the impact of any potential gains on the cultural and political environment.
  • Facilitating your people to work through the process changes required
  • Planning and preparing for changes to processes including necessary IT/IS issues
  • Monitoring benefits realisation