Globalisation has affected today’s supply chain with a variety of pressures, such as significant changes in commodity avaliability and prices, compressed time schedules, big swings in currencies, global competition, the need to align to emerging markets and increasing product complexity.

In order to be better positioned to develop, source, manufacture and maintain superior products and to deliver cost, service and cash flow improvement, the negative bottom-line impact of more traditional supply chain models cannot be ignored.

Our specific expertise allows us to understand the unique supply chain dynamics and the value chain that exists.


  • Increased transportation costs to maintain inventory schedules.
  • Effectively pinpoint product activity in the supply chain, and to react quickly to supply disruptions.
  • A greater number of partners requiring a mechanism to collaborate with in building a product.
  • Fewer amounts of safety stock requiring coordinated delivery accuracy.
  • Added complexity to supply chain structure to support lean manufacturing objectives.
  • Synchronisation of transportation and production schedules.
  • React to changes at the plant, supplier, or program level to assess the impact on the logistics network.

Fixing these problems is challenging and requires new ways of looking at supply chain improvement. We provide the right blend of fact, rigour and practical application to improve the way your company manages its resources and assets.

We support typical Supply Chain business scenarios and projects, such as:

  • Supply Chain Cost Reduction
  • Outsourcing Development, Certification, Tracking, Rating and Recognition
  • Procurement Partnering (Just-in-Time, JIT)
  • Cross-Functional Purchasing Teams
  • Continuous Replenishment of Inventory
  • eProcurement
  • Logistics and fulfilment
  • Asset management visibility and control
  • Green and Lean supply chain operations