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We’re committed to Change that Matters.
Here’s what that means.

Business Transformation


of transformations fail.

Product development, design engineering, services, manufacturing and the supply chain are the next transformation frontier.

It requires a complete re-imagination of how to meet customer demands and expectations. And it’s creating new levels of productivity, growth and sustainability.

To get it done, organizations need to transform the core operations of their business and build a backbone and processes that run from their consumers all the way through their value chain—and back again.

We work with organizations large and small to deliver business transformation while at the same time developing their own people’s skills.


business transformations delivered across 26 countries and 30+ industries

Enabled by Process Improvement

“Processes are the lifeblood of every organization”

Processes are the means by which value is generated and delivered within the organization.

Processes are usually invisible, frequently intangible and often unrecognizable. But always the foundation for identifying, designing and sustaining performance improvement within the organization.

Processes are frequently not understood and you cannot improve what you do not understand.

Game Change experts can work with you to make processes visible and tangible so you can see and understand them, then you can improve them.

Sustained through Capabilities

Driving change by unlocking human ingenuity

In these unprecedented times, businesses are working together at record speed and scale to take on the enormous challenges that now touch everyone, everywhere.

While many leaders believe innovative technology is the answer, we know its only part of the solution, with the most successful organizations elevating their people and harnessing human potential to create sustainable competitive advantage.

Organizations that put people first and unlock their full potential – and see an increase in business performance.

Game Change learning programs prepare you to lead a nimble organization — one that blends best practices, continuous improvement and evolutionary change.


certified belts trained across 26 countries and 30+ industries

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Change that Matters.

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What we do

Game Change is a leading Lean Six Sigma Training and Management Consultancy.

Founded by GE and Honeywell certified Master Black Belt’s, we remain true to the spirit of Lean Six Sigma as a practical and flexible method to enable continuous improvement and manage business change.

We can act as subject matter experts to teach, coach and help you learn the knowledge and skills to apply the most valuable continuous improvement tools and techniques to your business challenges.

Or, we can work with you to apply proven methods and techniques to build an entire system of leadership and support systems around continuous improvement and statistical problem solving, and integrate these new practices into everyday business activities.

Either way, working with us offers a high level of practical experience, collaboration and know-how to deliver what is promised in an objective and professional way.

Our Services

Experts On-demand


Project-focused discussion and one-on-one review sessions with a project leader or team.

Facilitated Workshops

Focus on key topics to guide you to achieve your project objectives and leave you with specific takeaways and immediate next steps.

Project Tollgate Reviews

Arranged around the DMAIC problem solving roadmap, facilitated review and assessment of key deliverables and application of tools and techniques.

Project Delivery

We work with you to apply proven methods and techniques to deliver specific business objectives, and work with you to integrate the new practices.


Selfpaced E-Learning

Imagine an online classroom that takes you inside successful organizations, surrounds you with top Lean Six Sigma experts and puts innovative learning tools at your fingertips.

Virtual Classroom

Our Live Virtual Classroom courses leverage the power of technology to allow you to join from anywhere in the world to connect and engage live with instructor’s and peers just like in a classroom.

Face to Face

Participants commit to a series of 8 hour days of intense face-to-face learning. The training is practical, precise with no corners cut. Don’t expect an easy ride, you are there to learn and learn you will.

Group Training

Every company’s needs, culture, areas of focus and strategy are different. Therefore sometimes, simply putting people on a course isn’t enough to make the difference.

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Organizations Transformed

Do you have a training need or a project you want to talk to us about

What we stand for

Commitment to Creativity

We will remain commited to promoting creativity

To that end our network and internal team are provided with the best technology, backed by clear processes and communication so we have flexibility to work how we want to work, where we want to work.

We have found that in today’s manically fast and chaotic environment this leaves us with the room to develop personally which in turn brings out the best thinking, so, you may well find a Game Change associate working in the English Lake District, at Schipol in Amsterdam, at Starbucks in London, Central Park in New York and even,
maybe, just maybe, next door to you in the garden. The point is, not only do we enjoy what we do but how we do it.

Client Tailored Solutions

Ckient Tailored Solutions

Here’s how some consultants work. They pull a proposal off some hard drive, rehash the content a little to fit the purpose and charge you a fortune for it.

 We don’t work with preset solutions. We look at each client’s solution as a unique challenge and tailor one solution. The one that will work for that client. We offer honesty and complete transparency.

We’re one of the few companies brave enough to tell you the truth. If we think we cannot successfully assist you we will politely decline your custom.

International Experience

International Experience

There’s more to international experience than being able to order dinner in 8 different languages.

We go out of our way to understand the business practices and cultures of the markets in which you operate.

We consider political issues, market trends, economic forces, the overall mood of the region-all the things that can impact your unique situation.

We also employ people of diverse backgrounds, making sure our perspective is not biased to one culture or country.

Multi-Disciplinary Teams

Multi-Disciplinary Teams

No one person knows it all or does it all.

So an important part of what we offer is the ability to put together a team of the best people to get the job done the way you need it done.

This best-in-class approach means you not only get the people best suited for the job, but you get the best people.

If and when your needs change, your team will change accordingly.

Personal Service

Personal Service

Leaving the clichés aside, this is what we mean by personal service.

When we take on an assignment we think about your business all the time. We can’t help ourselves.

Not only will we be there for you mentally, but we will keep our promises. We will deliver what we said we would on time.

If we don’t stick by this, we suffer the consequences. No delivery, no remuneration. As simple as that.

Meet Our Learners


Absolutely, and we actually encourage participants to attend in teams in order to maximise the learning and impact. Group Training is facilitated by our unique learning platform. Intersted? Get in touch.

This tried and tested learning program will equip you with the advanced decision making and process improvement skills to take on greater responsibility to effectively engage with others and to successfully implement continuous improvement and change projects for your organisation. It will provide you with a set of concepts and tools enabling you to lead your organisation with impact and efficiency – maximising its performance in changing times. Take a look at our Which Course? page for the breakdown on what the courses mean and what Belt you should take.
If you’re still not sure which course is best suited for you, get in touch and one of our Master Black Belt’s will be happy to assist you.

Our diversity is our distinguishing feature. Game Change is probably the only training course where you will find a dozen or so nationalities in the same class, with one common aim – a goal to learn about the topics being discussed, interact with fellow participants to acquire a global perspective and develop continuous improvement tools to take back and apply to their everyday work.

With so many different national and industry perspectives to learn from, you really will start to see things differently. By challenging your old assumptions, you will become aware of new possibilities and start to understand how very different people think.

All course material includes multi-lingual auto-translate features and all Live Zoom sessions include multi-lingual subtitle translations.

If you haven’t completed your course by the time your access expires, you can request for an extension. Get in touch to see what we can do.

Don’t worry. Although successful completion of project work is a requirement to complete some of the courses, we know that sometimes it’s not a straightforward process to be able to make changes within an organisation.

For that reason, we have a number of case studies which delegates can use in place of their projects. If you have any questions about the case studies, or to find out if your project is suitable, please get in touch.

Re-sit exams are available online at a time when it suits you up to 30 days after completing the first exam.

We believe in our ability to help you certify and as a matter of company policy we do not charge a re-sit exam fee. You can make several attempts, hopefully not required.

Courses will receive support from our Master Black Belts via our Bootcamp learning platform. They are available to answer any questions regarding the course content and your project at hand.

  • Certification
  • Learning
  • Payment
  • Technical
  • Training

Upon successful completion of all certification requirements, participants are awarded with an official Belt Certificate from Game Change, which they can also showcase on their LinkedIn profile. In addition, we will also invite you to be a part of an ongoing learning community for all Game Change Certified Belts.

Yes, the certification fee is included in all Game Change courses.

The terms are used to describe individual proficiency as a Lean and Six Sigma practitioner. The original terms were defined by Motorola and only covered Six Sigma aspects, but more recently the application and training of Lean and Six Sigma has been combined and this has now emerged as an industry standard.

“Lean Six Sigma Yellow, Green, Black and Master Black Belt Certification demonstrates an individual’s knowledge, skills and dedication to achieving a high standard of competency in the application of the Lean and Six Sigma approach, concepts and tools.

Employers are increasingly looking for Certified Belt status as evidence of practical understanding and the ability to run projects and obtain financial benefits. Certification is therefore essential for career advancement and to be recognised as a true lean six sigma continuous improvement professional.”

The simple answer is no. Historically, both the Lean and Six Sigma approach originated in companies (Toyota and Motorola respectiveley) and all major organizations have since run their Belt training differently.                                                                 
When considering your choice of training provider the real benchmark is the best practice process used by companies such as GE, Motorola and Honeywell. Their robust approach, requires training content to not just focus on building technical competence but also a demonstration of the practical application of the DMAIC methodology to project scenarios and developing the skills in selecting the right tools and techniques. This is the same approach adopted by Game Change which is why our training is truly world class. Our certification process remains true to the spirit of Lean Six Sigma set by the early adoptors such as Motorola, GE, Honeywell, Toyota and the analytical rigour and ‘learn by doing’ standards necessary to ensure course participants gain full appreciation of the practical skills needed to achieve World Class Lean Six Sigma Certification. 

Results are available immediateley after successful completion of the online Final exam and the respective Yellow/Green/Black/Master Black Belt Belt Certificate is available for electronic download.

“To successfully attain Master Black Belt Certification you are required to;

Submit at least two successful projects and evidence of the use of tools and techniques associated with Lean Six Sigma for assessment at the end of the course by a Master Black Belt instructor panel.
Deliver a project presentation during Session II of the course to an audience made up of other course participants and Master Black Belts.
Achieve 70% pass mark in the Master Black Belt final exam (75 multiple choice questions).

There is a choice of 3 options for Master Black Belt project submissions;

A current problem that you are currently solving using the Lean SIx Sigma methodology and tools.
A past project where you have applied the Lean Six Sigma methodology and tools and can show evidence of this.
We can provide real projects and case studies for you to work on.

The main focus is to assess your practical appreciation of the methodology, tools and techniques. The following are typical of project topics submitted by attendees for this course;

Raise customer service levels in a call centre
Cut costs and speed output in activities from manufacturing to sales
Realise the cashable benefits of integrated processes and IT
Establish effective business measures and performance management systems
Boost quality, eliminate defects and improve reliability of processes and systems

The problem statement must be important to the business, customer or stakeholders.”

“This examination is intended to cover all aspects of the respective Yellow, Green, Black, Master Black Belt curriculum with a high emphasis on the practical application of concepts learned during the course. Online practice exams are available during course attendance.

Multiple choice (no negative marking so you are required to attempt all questions).
Online Exam
Closed book, calculators allowed.
Yellow (20 questions/30 min); Green Belt (30 questions/40 min); Black Belt (50 questions/70 min); Master Black Belt (75 questions/120 min)
Pass mark for all exams is 70%

Our current certification rate runs at 97%, 92%, 91% and 100% for Yellow, Green, Black and Master Black Belt exams, respectively.

All our course content is designed to account for non native English speakers and all courses include multi-lingual auto translate features.

No, once you become certified, there is no requirement to re-certify again.

“Upon successfully completing the course, participants will be awarded with an official Lean Six Sigma Yellow/Green/Black/Master Black Belt Certificate available for electronic download and which they can also showcase on their LinkedIn profile.

The Game Change Lean Six Sigma Training and Certification program is based on the GE, Motorola and Honeywell certification model which is recognised as the appropriate way to become certified. All our course curriculum conforms to the Body of Knowledge as specified by the American Society of Quality (ASQ) and other best practice standards.

This program has been sucessfully attended by hundreds of organisations and thousands of business professional Worldwide since 2005.

The standards require an individual to pass rigorous training and testing hurdles to gain Lean Six Sigma certification. Case studies are designed to ensure a practical understanding of systematically, selecting and applying appropriate methods and tools and the learning outcomes are individually assessed by the Instructor and through quizzes during the course and through the Final Exam on the last day of the course.

Master Black Belt’s are required to conduct a guided audit of at least two individual projects submitted prior to the start of session II of the course for formal assessment by a panel of Master Black Belt instructors. The results form part of the certification criteria in addition to the Final Exam.”

E-Learning courses are self paced and we recommend you to devote 1-2 hours per week watching video lectures and completing E-Learning Modules on fundamental concepts, 1 hour per week on interacting with fellow participants in discussions or reflecting on the concepts through quizzes, and 2-3 hours per week in applying the fundamental concepts to your everyday work. Blended, Virtual and Group Training is designed in a manner to encourage the whole class to learn together, moving at a certain pace from session to session, while providing enough flexibility between sessions for the participants to review the content at their own convenience. You can log in anytime at your convenience and review the weekly content at your own pace, as the learning design is asynchronous. For live Zoom calls with the instructor, which will take place at a particular time, and you will need to be online at that particular time. These live calls would typically take place during an afternoon as per Central European Time to accommodate the maximum participants across the globe. We will also record these live calls for those participants who are unable to join the live session. Face-to-Face Classroom courses require participants commit to a series of 8 hour days of intense learning.

Our trainers are all carefully selected to ensure that only the best Master Black Belts, with years of relevant hands-on experience, deliver our courses. Each trainer has worked across multiple industries and has helped implement Lean Six Sigma in all contexts in companies worldwide. Our trainers are passionate about effectively coaching people through their training and to successfully get Lean Six Sigma implemented in their organization.

Yes, of course. The learning experience is designed to encourage interaction and simulate as close an experience to face-to-face as possible. Participants would be able to interact with each other through discussion forums, distributed throughout the online Bootcamp learning platform. They would also have the opportunity to interact with each other during the live Instructor led sessions.

Our typical training class includes a mix of international course participants including team members, supervisors, project manager’s, functional and technical experts, internal and external consultants, senior executives, business leaders and sponsors from a wide variety of manufacturing, service and transactional environments. The diversity in Game Change classes truly enriches the learning experience, as each student contributes with his or her own culture, perspective and mindset to the issues studied. Moreover, one of the cornerstones of our programme is our emphasis on group work and virtual teams and the importance of sharing best practices. Course participants are an important source of support to each other, developing close friendships and an international professional network.

At Game Change, you never learn alone. To bring this notion alive in the online setting, we have built a learning community comprising of the participants, trainers and subject matter experts. Our unique approach to peer-to-peer learning plays an integral part in stimulating content discussions, encouraging collaboration between participants as well as guiding the participants closely in meeting their learning objectives.

The Bootcamp is the learning platform, facilitated by Game Change Master Black Belt’s with a wealth of learning and implementation resources including Discussion Groups, Toolkit, Templates, Downloads, Events, Prcatice Exam’s to test your knowledge and much more.

Please click on ‘Enrol Now’, then click on ‘Payment’ to proceed with your payment where you have the option to pay online or request a company invoice.

We accept that sometimes you may have to cancel your course, for full details surrounding our cancellation policy, please read our terms and conditions.

Yes. We offer 10% off the advertised price to students who can produce a valid email address (e.g and identity reference number from a recognized educational institution.

No – Once you have paid for the course there are no further costs. During the course you can purchase additional coaching sessions if you wish but there is no mandatory requirement to do so.

As long as you meet the course pre-requisites you have the opportunity to upgrade between courses at any stage.

There will be no charges for a substitute delegate replacing an original delegate if Game Change has been informed before the start of the first session. Substitutions cannot be made after the start of the first session.

“All Game Change Learning Courses can be accessed on desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.
Currently supported browsers (usually based on support of latest two browser versions) are:

Chrome: version 31+
Safari: version 7+
Firefox: version 26+
IE: version 10+

The application uses modern web development approaches (HTML 5) so that it can function responsively across desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones without the need of players or add-ons. “

At the moment we do not support offline access of content so you will need to have access to the Internet whenever you want to access the course content or zoom sessions.

Yes. The entire content of the course, toolkit and access to the Bootcamp online learning platform is available to you for 12 months after completion of the course. After 12 months, continued access is subject to Bootcamp subscription charges.