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Lean Six Sigma Belt Comparison

Yellow Belt

Green Belt

Black Belt

Master Black Belt


Understanding of Lean Six Sigma principles and basic tool-kit in sufficient detail to make a meaningful impact to continuous improvement projects and support organization-wide implementation.

Practitioner level

Understanding of the Define-Measure-Analyze-Improve-Control roadmap and actionable tool-kit to successfully implement continuous improvement projects.


Practitioner Level

Data Analysis and Change Leadership skills to pinpoint performance shortfalls and lead continuous improvement projects.

Expert Consultant,
Adviser and Trainer

Expert skills in process variability reduction (DMAIC), process waste reduction (LEAN) and growth through innovation (DFSS) principles.


Course pre-requisites

Interest in developing basic continuous improvement skills

Interest in developing practitioner level continuous improvement skills

Green Belt Certification

Black Belt Certification

Learn basic Lean Six Sigma tools and techniques in sufficient detail to be able to impact continuous improvement activity as part of everyday work activities and support Green and Black Belt projects

Understand how to apply the DMAIC process improvement roadmap to identify and correct problems and run business improvement projects.

Understanding the fundamentals of Process Variation and its affect on organizational performance and how to drive cycle time reduction.

Discover how to measure and evaluate “process effectiveness” and “process efficiency”.

Apply new skills for collecting and analyzing data to support improvement projects. Practical application of Yellow Belt Toolkit to deliver continuous improvement results.

Apply the DMAIC process management methodology and the Green Belt toolkit to manage and implement continuous improvement projects.

Insights on where to focus attention to influence change in your organization and how to identify, scope and charter process improvement projects. 

 Facilitate good decision making through the use of statistical data-driven tools and techniques.

Practical understanding of Lean Six Sigma statistical principles and hands-on application to project scenarios.

 Elevate key skills in change leadership, analyzing data and decision making to take on greater responsibility to pinpoint and manage performance shortfalls in your organization.

Develop leadership skills to guide team members and advise management during Lean Six Sigma implementation.

Practical application of DMAIC process management methodology and Black Belt Toolkit and Change Management skills to deal with resistance to change.

 Come with a change initiative (optional) to apply the learning in your personal or your organization’s context

Certified Master Black Belt in process variability reduction (DMAIC), process waste reduction (LEAN) and growth through innovation (DFSS) principles.

 Consultancy and Leadership skills to manage the full Lean Six Sigma project life-cycle from planning and scoping through to implementation and how to influence organizational “buy-in”.

 Develop leadership ability to train and coach Yellow, Green and Black Belt’s in Lean Six Sigma principles

 How to guide senior management in implementing organization-wide Continuous Improvement Planning and Deployment

This introductory course is designed for professionals from a wide range of industries and business dynamics (manufacturing, service or transactional) involved in continuous improvement, either as part of their everyday job role or as a project team member.

Team members, supervisors, project manager’s, functional and technical experts, consultants, senior executives, business leaders and sponsors from a wide variety of manufacturing, service and transactional organisations.  

Certified Green Belt’s seeking in-depth Lean Six Sigma knowledge interested in developing practical leadership and analytical skills to deliver performance results.

Certified Black Belt’s and continuous improvement professionals responsible for setting and implementing the strategic direction of their organisation. It is also relevant for senior managers preparing to transition into such roles.

Achieve 70% pass mark in the Yellow Belt multiple choice final exam

Achieve 70% pass mark in the Green Belt multiple choice final exam

Achieve 70% pass mark in the Black Belt multiple choice final exam 

> Guided audit of two completed Black Belt projects.

> 70% pass mark in the Master Black Belt Exam.

Online Exam: 20 questions
Duration: 30 min.
Pass mark: 70%

Exam: 30 Questions
Duration: 40 min.
Pass Mark: 70%

Exam: 50 Questions
Duration: 70 min.
Pass Mark: 70%

Exam: 75 Questions
Duration: 120 min.
Pass Mark: 70%
Submit 2 completed Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Projects

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Meet the Our Learners

The Game Change Advantage

When learning from Other Providers

Traditional courses emphasize presentation or material-based learning of content afterward.

 Focus is on ‘Theory’ Not ‘Practice’ whereby Lean Six Sigma knowledge is transferred but improvement results are never fully realized.

You get stuck, and there is no follow-on support available which can be a real handicap to your learning and improvement efforts.

 You are limited to the features that come with the training making it difficult to develop practical skills to apply.

 It’s hard to learn and implement the skills in your company on your own, with no follow-on support.

 You have to purchase additional software or recreate the tools, templates, and calculators in excel to be able to implement.

List items you are typically dealing with a training provider with a general course catalog and a salesperson trying to sell a course

When learning from Game Change

Expert Master Black Belt instructor’s with real-world experience, so you not only learn the theory but also the “know-how” to make a real impact.

Ongoing Support – We have a strong set of support services that include Coaching Clinics, Regular Networking Events, and Discussion Forums.

  Our unique ‘Bootcamp’ and virtual learning environment full of helpful features, tool-kit, resources, and support.

  Game Change App available for Apple and Android, the perfect tool to make your learning journey mobile friendly.

  Global Delivery Options through our Open Programmes currently held in London, Bradford, Oslo, Jersey, and Dubai.

  Accredited – The content of the Game Change programs exceeds what is specified by ISO18404 and also aligns to the ASQ Body of knowledge providing a recognized route to developing skills and career advancement.

  ‘Remote’ or ‘In-house’ Training. We are currently running Consulting and Training engagements across the world; including Europe, the Middle East, the US, China, Australia, South America, Canada, and Russia