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Open Enrolment Boot Camp: Accelerated Learning Training

This four-part Accelerated Learning Journey prepares you to lead a nimble organisation using Lean Six Sigma course principles and techniques – one that blends best practices, continuous improvement and evolutionary change.

Many of today’s leading organisations and educational institutions are benefiting from the power of Accelerated Learning. Game Change has pioneered and delivered this teaching and learning method for Lean Six Sigma certification since 2005. What makes Accelerated Learning so effective is that it’s based on the way we all naturally learn.

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People learn best in context. Facts and skills learned in isolation are hard to absorb and quick to evaporate. The best learning comes from doing the work itself in a continual process of “real-world” immersion, feedback, reflection, evaluation and re-immersion.

Participants commit to a series of 12 hour days of intense learning at our UK training venue at the University of Bradford School of Management.

The training is practical and precise with no corners cut. Don’t expect an easy ride, you are there to learn and learn you will. We offer action-oriented, interactive six sigma courses, packed with examples, case studies and compelling best practices as part of the learning experience. Each course is designed to give participants the level of knowledge, skills and attitude to make a real difference in their workplace.

Our typical training class includes a mix of international course participants including team members, supervisors, project managers, functional and technical experts, internal and external consultants, senior executives, business leaders and sponsors from a wide variety of manufacturing, service and transactional environments.

The certification exam takes place on the last day of the course. Project work is completed during the course and assessed by the Instructor as part of the certification criteria which requires the participant to demonstrate a high level of proficiency and practical know-how to implement direct, measurable improvements for their sponsoring organisations.

Each certification recognises a high level of proficiency in Lean Six Sigma problem solving and analytical skills. Our commitment to everyone who attends a Game Change training course is simple – we promise that your time with us will not be inconsequential.

Find  out more details on the Lean Six Sigma Certification information page.

Key Take-Aways

This tried and tested learning program will equip you with the advanced decision making and process improvement skills to take on greater responsibility to effectively engage with others and to successfully implement Lean Six Sigma business improvement and change projects for your organisation.

Gain insight from world-class Master Black Belt Instructor’s and points of view from people who have faced the real world scenarios in managing the change resistance and barriers to implementation. Instructors who practice what they preach and believe in their ability to demonstrate the “How” as well as the “What” to do, including compelling best practices and benchmarking opportunities as part of the learning experience.

Total Learner Involvement. Whereas traditional Lean Six Sigma courses emphasise presentation or course notes based learning which is later applied to projects, the Game Change learning program emphasises collaboration between the diverse participants through activity-based learning during the course.

Significantly reduced certification timescales and costs compared with conventional training courses, with the opportunity to receive Lean Six Sigma certification at the end of the course.

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